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Winter Banana Apple (Malus domestica 'Winter Banana')

POTTED: 3 Gal.


Zone: 4-10 Mature Size: 12'-15' x Spread: 12'-15'

Winter Banana apples are large fruits with a somewhat uniform, conical to round shape and are connected by a slender, fibrous brown stem. The skin is waxy, firm, and smooth with a yellow base, covered in patches of pink-red blush from increased sun exposure. Underneath the surface, the flesh is crisp, aqueous, ivory to pale yellow, and semi-coarse, encasing a small central core filled with black-brown seeds. Winter Banana apples have a subtly fruity, tropical scent that is reminiscent of banana or pineapple at peak maturity. The flesh of the fruit also has a mild and balanced, sweet, and tangy flavor.

Self-fertile/pollinating, two or more trees will ensure the best crop.


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