Transplant Plus 3-3-3 Soil Moist- 3 oz Bag - $5.00

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Transplant Plus 3-3-3 Soil Moist - 3 oz Bag $5.00

Soil Moist Transplant is formulated to inoculate transplant shrubs and trees during planting time. Most planting sites lack the beneficial fungi and bacteria that new trees and plants need due to home construction and soil disturbances and the removal of top soil. Soil Moist Transplant contains a diverse blend of 12 species of viable endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi.

Soil Moist Transplant also contains water management polymers, an 8-9 month timed release fertilizer and a very effective bio stimulant formulation. Effective on all trees, shrubs and plants EXCEPT: Laurels, Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

** Reduces transplanting stress and plant loss.

** Increases nutrient and water uptake.

** Feed for 8-9 months.

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