Sweetheart Cherry Tree (Sweet) - 3/4" Bare Root $32.00

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Sweetheart Cherry (Prunus avium 'Sweetheart')

Bare Root 3/4"

Zone 5-7 Mature Size: 7-10' x 7-10' Spread

There’s so much to love about the Sweetheart Cherry tree. This tree boasts dark green leaves alongside stunning pink and white blossoms that bloom mid spring. These cherries are known for their sweet flavor, firmness, and bright red color. Sweetheart cherries are perfect fresh, frozen, or canned.

  • Produces a large crop of big and meaty cherries that ripen in the summer
  • Is self-fertile - NO pollinator required.
  • Provides ornamental beauty all year long
  • Displays reddish dark-brown bark

This tree requires pruning. Pruning will help to prevent mildew and other fungal diseases. Recommended pruning time for the Sweetheart Cherry is in the late winter. Foliage should also remain as dry as possible – avoid overhead irrigation.

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