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Sugar Maple Tree (Acer saccharumm)

BARE ROOT TREE: 3/4" Caliper

Zone: 3-8 Mature Size: 60'-75' x Spread: 40'-50'

Sugar maple trees are well-known for the liquid gold that resides inside them: sap. Theirs is especially high in sugar content, which means not as much of it is needed in order to create maple syrup. On top of that, sugar maple trees add a dose of stunning beauty to any landscape, enlivening it even further once they change to a vibrant orange-red come fall.

BONUS/FREE Root Dip is an Endo-Mycorrhizal & Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for bare root treatments to inoculate the roots of plants before planting. This results in faster plant establishment.

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