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Red Sunset Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’)

7ft+ POTTED TREE: 3/4" Caliper

Zone: 4-8 Mature Size: 40'-55' x Spread:20-30'

The Red Sunset Maple is a fast growing tree with symmetrical branching and strong structure, this Maple tree a real winner! They are very easy to grow and require no maintenance.

Red Sunset Maple Trees have a nice pyramidal form and over time they start to round on the top. The leaves turn orange-red in the fall and make this maple one of the best trees for fall color. The Red Sunset Maple is one of the first trees to start turning color. In the summer, the leaves are shiny green.

Red Sunset Maples prefer full sun especially in cooler zones. However, these Maples do well in part shade in warmer zones.

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