Red Oak Tree-Potted - 3'-4' Potted -$29.00

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Red Oak Tree (Quercus rubra)

3'-4' POTTED: 3 Gal.

Zone: 3-8 Mature Size: 60-75' x Spread:45-50'

Red oaks are stately trees with some of the most fantastic shade and fall foliage you will ever see. These magnificent trees, native to the east coast of North America, grow to be large trees averaging 75 feet tall and wide and living anywhere from 150-5-00 years old. Unless you have a huge yard that can accommodate a red oak, this tree should be left to landscapes that can accommodate the immense area needed to grow this tree. You may also want to consider future construction and site improvements when selecting a red oak. The species is going to outlive you and possibly your descendants.

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