Ranier Cherry Tree (Sweet) - Bare Root 11/16" $34.00

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Ranier Cherry (Prunus avium 'Rainier')

Bare Root 11/16" Caliper

Zone: 4-9 Size: 18-25' x 18-25'

The Rainier cherry is known as the “white cherry” because it produces cherries that have a white creamy flesh. This is a very in demand cherry due to its unique color and taste. The skin is yellowish red blush once it ripens. Birds are not as much of a problem with Rainier due to the color and being less attracted to the berries. Rainier cherry is one of the sweetest cherries and can be enjoyed as a dessert all by themselves. Rainier is a perfect variety for backyard orchards. Can be used for baking as well as canning and freezing. Ripens end of May to early June.

Pollinator such as Black Tartarian is needed.

Ripens: June

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