Rainier Cherry Tree (Sweet) - 1" Bare Root $34.00

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Rainier Cherry (Prunus avium 'Rainier')

Bare Root 1"

Zone 5-10 Mature Size: 12-16' x 12-16' Spread

This golden-yellow cherry is regarded as the best of its kind. The Rainier cherry tree is known for its fragrant white flowers in the mid-spring, and its large production of exceptionally sweet cherries. Rainier cherries are an excellent choice for canning or preserves.

  • Produces large, golden-yellow cherries with a firm, creamy-white flesh
  • Begins to bear fruit in @4 years.
  • Produces clusters of fragrant white flowers along the branches.
  • Requires cross-pollination with a variety of the same bloom time, Bing & Black Tartarian will work.
  • Ripens: June

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