Persimmon, American Common - 5-6' Bare Root - $32.00

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Persimmon, American Common (Diospyros virginiana L.)

5-6' Bare Root - $32.00


Zone:4-9 Size:25-40' x 20-30'

Common persimmon prefers moist, well-drained, bottomland or sandy soils but is also very drought- and urban-tolerant. Truly an amazing tree in its adaptability to about any site conditions, including alkaline soil. It is seen colonizing old fields as a volunteer tree but grows slowly on dry sites.

The white, fragrant flowers are very sweet and a favorite of honeybees. Its fruit is an edible berry that usually ripens after frost, although some cultivars do not require the frost treatment to ripen. Before ripening, however, the fruit is decidedly astringent and not edible.

More than one tree is needed for pollination.

Ripens: After first frost in fall.

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