Mutsu Apple Tree -POTTED-3 Gal.- $45.00

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Mutsu Apple Tree- POTTED -3 Gal.- $45.00

Mutsu Apple (Malus domestica 'Mutsu')


Zone 4-7 Mature Size: 12-15' x 12-15'

The Mutsu apple, also called Crispin, is a cultivar between Golden Delicious and Indo, introduced from Japan. It is a triploid, self-sterile, and poor at pollinating other apple trees. Potential pollinators are Golden Delicious, Jonathon, or Red Rome. This medium to large-sized fruit is aromatic, juicy, sweet, spicy and a little tart.

It is excellent for both fresh eating or in salads and all kinds of baking or cooking. The apple keeps well for several months in a cool crisper.

Ripens: September-October

Requires pollinator such as: Ambrosia, Cortland, Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Jonathan & Wolf River.

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