Little Giant Arborvitae-POTTED -5 Gal.- $35.00

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Little Giant Arborvitae - POTTED - 5 Gal. - $35.00

Little Giant Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Little Giant')

Zone:3-8 Mature Size: 4-5' x Spread: 3-4'

Polish up your landscape with an easy-care, fine-textured, evergreen. Little Giant Arborvitae grows into a perfect, round ball without pruning or trimming. This is an easy choice if you want to add a formal flair without working hard. It will grow slowly - but surely - into a tidy green accent. Little Giant's foliage is rich, deep green and develops in flat, fan-shaped sprays of lacy needles. The foliage develops in all directions to maintain the overall round form.

The color remains a consistent dark green all year-long. No winter bronzing with this selection! You'll be surprised by the rugged nature of this cute, little plant. Little Giant takes the cold, grows in areas that get wet periodically, and even tolerates salt.

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