Liberty Apple Tree-POTTED-3 Gal.-$45.00

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Liberty Apple Tree- POTTED -3 Gal.- $45.00

Liberty Apple (Malus domestica 'Liberty')


Zone 4-7 Mature Size: 12-15' x 12-15'

The Liberty apple is a prized sweet and mildly tart fresh eating apple that offers a high level of disease resistance. Perfect for the home grower, Liberty apple trees will become one of your favorite homegrown, orchard producers.

Tree is low-maintenance due to its natural disease resistance to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight, and powdery mildew. Fruit has a yellow background with attractive red overtones, a crisp white flesh, and a harmonious sweet-tart taste. Perfect for fresh eating, cooking, canning or keeping – proper storage improves the flavor!

Ripens in September

Pollinators such as Cortland, Fuji, Granny Smith, Jonathon, Freedom, McIntosh & Wolf River.

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