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Jonagold Apple (Malus domestica 'Jonagold')

Bare Root: 9/16"


Zone:3 Size: H: 12-15' x W: 12-15'

The Jonagold apple tree is an apple cultivar originating from a cross of the Jonathan and Golden Delicious varieties. Jonagold apples are growing in popularity the world over because of their taste and size. These trees produce apples of a yellowish-green color. The texture is sometimes described as crisp yet fluffy with an aromatic sweet-sour flavor. The fruit’s skin is yellow-green with red blush, concealing a crisp, creamy white flesh. Occasionally the fruit may even be fully red or green. The sour-tart flavor of the Jonathan is combined with the sweet flavor of the Golden Delicious to form a taste unique among apple varieties.

Ripens mid-September

Pollinators include Gala, Empire and Honeycrisp.

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