Enterprise Apple Tree-Bare Root 3/4" $32.00

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Enterprise Apple Tree (Malus)

Semi-dwarf ******* Bare Root 3/4" Caliper - $32.00

Zone:4-7 Height:12-15' Spread 12-15'

The Enterprise apple is a modern American variety of malus domestica especially known for its disease resistance. This was the ninth apple developed with the joint breeding program at the Indiana, Illinois, and new Jersey Agricultural Experiment stations. The Enterprise's parentage includes McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty and crab apple. They are easy to grow and make good home orchard apples. Enterprise apples look similar to McIntosh's with a glossy red/maroon color and round shape, though they can sometimes be lopsided. The skin is very thick and tough, and the yellow flesh is fine grained and firm. The flavor is mildly tart and richly spicy. While it is tasty right off the tree, the flavor improves after a month or two of storage. The taste has been compared to Fuji apples. Other notable characteristics of Enterprise are its late harvest and that it stores well.

Pollinator needed such as: Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonathon, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith & Wolf River.

Ripens: Mid October-September

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