Crabapple, Show Time™ - 5-6' Bare Root - Each $28.00

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Show Time™ Crabapple (Malus x 'Shotizam')

5-6' Bare Root - Each $28.00

Zone: 4 Mature Size: 22' x Spread: 15-20'

Show Time™ Crabapple is a charming ornamental tree. Showing off in early spring with a bounty of beautiful, fuchsia-pink blooms, in summer the leaves are a handsome bronze green. It fruits in fall and will persist through winter, attracting wildlife. Very resistant to disease.

BONUS/FREE Root Dip is an Endo-Mycorrhizal & Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for bare root treatments to inoculate the roots of plants before planting. This results in faster plant establishment.

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