Crabapple, Robinson - 9/16" Bare Root - Each $28.00

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Robinson Crabapple (Malus x 'Robinson')

9/16" Bare Root - Each $28.00

Zone: 4-8 Mature Size: 15-20' x Spread: 15-20' Fast-growing! This popular crabapple tree establishes quickly in the landscape. Upright and spreading with a rounded form. Bears gorgeous crimson buds that open to deep pink single blooms in spring. Leaves change from deep red to rich, verdant green in summer. Small, glossy dark red crabapples appear in fall – a great food source for wildlife! Cold-hardy. Disease-resistant to fireblight, cedar apple rust, and mildew.

BONUS/FREE Root Dip is an Endo-Mycorrhizal & Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for bare root treatments to inoculate the roots of plants before planting. This results in faster plant establishment.

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