Concolor Fir Tree POTTED-1 Gal.- $5.00

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Concolor Fir (Abie concolor)

Concolor Fir Tree POTTED-1 Gal.- $5.00

Zone: 3-8 Height:30-50' Spread:15-25'

Not only is it beautiful but it is one of the most adaptable firs. Concolor fir is native to the western United States. The tree grows in an almost perfect pyramidal Christmas tree shape when young, with horizontally tiered branches. At maturity the tree develops a dome-like crown. The short, flat, soft needles are silvery blue-green both above and below. Because of its dense growth it does not need any pruning to keep its shape. With its conical form, blue-green foliage and lack of insect or disease problems, it could be used as a substitute for blue spruce.

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