Chinese Chestnut Tree 18-24" - Bare Root - 10 Pack $40.00

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Chinese Chestnut (castanea mollissima)

BARE ROOT TREE: 18-24" - 10 Pack $40.00

Zone:4-8 Height:40-60' Spread:40-60'

Chinese Chestnut trees are an ideal energy source for wild turkeys, deer and small mammals. They grow in full sun in medium to wet well drained soil. Offers three seasons of interest. If you've never tried Chinese chestnuts before, you are in for a treat! Nuts are large, meaty, crisp and sweet. An exceptionally delicate flavor emerges when roasted. Plant two for pollination.

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BONUS/FREE Root Dip is an Endo-Mycorrhizal & Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for bare root treatments to inoculate the roots of plants before planting. This results in faster plant establishment.

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