Canaan Fir Tree POTTED-1 Gal.- $5.00

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Canaan Fir Tree POTTED-1 Gal.- $5.00

Canaan Fir (Abie balsamea var. phanerolepis)

Zone: 3-8 Height:40-55' Spread:20-25'

The Canaan Fir is an attractive, medium-sized conifer with a traditional evergreen shape. Its dense foliage is dark green in color with a silvery-bluish shaded underside. Canaan Fir are soft and fragrant, and are excellent choices to use as privacy screens, windbreak, erosion control, ornamental landscaping, accenting specimens, and of course, as Christmas trees. An important asset of Canaan Fir is its ability to grow in areas not well suited to other native firs. It will tolerate wetter soils than Fraser Fir and is more resistant to spring frost injury than either Fraser or Balsam Fir because of its tendency to break bud later. They can also tolerate drought once established.

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