Blushingstar® Peach Tree - Potted 5 Gal. $45.00

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Blushingstar® Peach (Prunus persica 'Blushing Star')

POTTED: 5 Gal.

Zone:4-8 Mature Size:10'-14' x Spread:10'-14'

Fans of white-fleshed peaches should try growing Blushingstar® peach. Blushingstar® peach trees are cold hardy and bear heavy loads of attractively blushed fruit. They are semi-dwarf trees that are ready to harvest in late summer. Blushingstar® peach fruit has creamy white flesh and sub-acid flavor. This peach tree variety is recommended for both orchards and home gardens. Blushingstar® peaches are one of the classic examples of white-fleshed stone fruit. The trees are fairly unfussy provided the soil drains well and resistant to one of the most common fruit tree diseases – bacterial spot. Best of all, they can produce in just 2 to 3 years.

Self-fertile/pollinating; pollination increases with another.

Ripens: Mid-August

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