Autumn Blaze® Maple -7ft+ Bare Root - 12 Pack Bundle $412.00

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Autumn Blaze® Maple (Acer x freemanii 'Jeffsred')

7ft+ BARE ROOT TREE: 3/4" Caliper - 12 Pack Bundle $412.00


Zone: 3-8 Mature Size: 40'-55' x Spread:30-40'

The Autumn Blaze maple tree boasts beautiful reliable red fall color that's second to none for fall foliage and has a shapely form, making it a focal specimen. This tree is a hybrid of the red maple and the silver maple, both native to North America. With densely balanced and ascending branches and an oval crown, the Autumn Blaze maple tree matures quickly and can grow as much as two feet per year under the right conditions.

BONUS/FREE Root Dip is an Endo-Mycorrhizal & Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for bare root treatments to inoculate the roots of plants before planting. This results in faster plant establishment.

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