Asparagus, Purple Passion - Bare Root (15) Bundle $28.00

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Asparagus Purple Passion #1 Bare Root Bundle - 15 roots per bundle $28.00

Large-diameter spears have 20% more sugar and emerge later than green varieties, protecting them from early frost damage. Mild flavor and low fiber content with a creamy green, tender interior make Purple Passion a chef's favorite. You’ll love the unique, nutty flavor. The stalks of purple asparagus turn green when cooked. Purple Passion Asparagus is cold hardy and heat-tolerant.

Harvest asparagus plants from early April through mid-May.

It takes about three years for plants to mature enough for harvesting. Prior to that plants should be allowed to grow and feed themselves.

In the third year, begin harvesting spears that are finger-sized and about 8" long.

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