American Elderberry Tree POTTED-2 Gal.- $5.00

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American Elderberry Tree POTTED- 2 Gal.- $5.00

American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)

Zone:3-9 Height:5-12' Spread: 6-10'

Plants will spread by root sucker and will form thickets if the suckers are not removed. In summer, small white flowers are borne in dense clusters. Flowers are followed by a purple-black drupe that is produced in drooping clusters from late summer to fall. The drupe is an edible fruit and when cooked can be used in pies, pancakes, and jellies. Elderberry flowers and fruits are used in winemaking. Wildlife also enjoys the fruits, and the arching branches provide a habitat for nesting birds.

Use this plant in naturalized areas, as a hedge, in a woodland, or along streams and ponds. It is a good addition to butterfly, edible, native, pollinator, or rain gardens.

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